The Logan Enhancement Project

The Logan Enhancement Project

The Logan Enhancement Project

The Logan Enhancement project is a Transurban Queensland development that encompasses several elements including widening certain sections of the Logan and Gateway Motorways in Brisbane. The overall goal of the project was to create a safer and more efficient motorway to realise Logan’s economic potential. This included enhancing connectivity to key residential and business areas and future-proofing the entire network.

With these improvements, accidents are up to 59% less likely to occur in addition to reduced travel times and traffic congestion. This is particularly the case for certain hot spots such as the interchange between Logan Motorway, Beaudesert Road and Mt Lindesay Highway as well as the Wembley Road and Logan Motorway interchange.

 Uncompleted sign on the Logan Motorway

Of course, with new infrastructural improvements, new signage – both temporary and permanent – was also necessary, which is where Artcraft comes into the mix. Artcraft was awarded the contract for the total supply of permanent and temporary signage during the $512 million-dollar project and worked in conjunction with CPB contractors to bring the project to completion. The installation of all signage was also handled by our team and included regulatory, warning, hazard and large guide signs.

A total size of over 3500m2 of signage was provided, with the largest individual piece spanning 105m2. On top of that, we also supplied 1300 various sized steel posts and 7500 brackets. The total projected value of our utilised stock was $2.5 million.

 A birds eye shot of the post supporting one of the signs.

The manual labour was assisted by several specialist vehicles such as non-destructive Hydro-Vacuum Excavation trucks, trucks with 26m mounted elevated working platforms, crane trucks, Franna cranes and excavators. 

This endeavour took around 300 days to complete – 85% of which was night work. This was over a three-year period. All work was completed within the specified timeframe and there were no variations that needed to be made to the project.

Working on such a large-scale and long-term project with several simultaneous moving parts meant that we had to adapt to numerous program changes and also work around other contractors. At some points during the project, we had up to 10 fully qualified installers on-site at various sections of the motorway.

Some of the larger signs that we installed featured an amalgamation of text and graphics illustrating the distance to certain destinations such as the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane airport. Signs like these were placed throughout the project in various shapes and sizes to accommodate for the new off/on-ramps at Compton Road.

 Our team putting up the Ipswitch and Toowomba exit sign

Transurban Queensland’s $512 million Logan Enhancement Project has been a huge success and will greatly improve Logan’s local economy as well as drastically reduce travel time on the motorway. The project showcased Artcraft’s ability to efficiently work collaboratively and precisely with other contractors on such a large, multi-stakeholder project.