Traffic Signs

Artcraft manufacture and supply every single type of traffic sign used in Australia. We're also your one stop shop for sign blanks and traffic safety supplies and accessories.

Unequalled customer service Australia wide

We offer full project management and installation for any traffic signage project of any size. Friendly advice, technical assistance and comprehensive site surveys are all part of the complete Artcraft experience. Even after fifty years in the business we still pride ourselves on our value for money quality products and, above all, our unequalled customer service.

Artcraft are on the cutting edge of traffic sign innovation

For example, Enhanced School Zone Signs are a combination of a traditional and regulatory school zone sign face with conspicuous flashing LED beacons that are activated automatically during school times. These traffic signs are powered autonomously by solar energy and can be programmed and monitored remotely using the existing mobile phone network infrastructure.

Fully compliant with Australian Standards

All Artcraft traffic and road signs are made from materials that comply with Australian Standards and come with a 10-12 year full sign replacement warranty. Our facilities are fully accredited to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems in Melbourne, Adelaide, Townsville and Sydney. Brisbane also includes certification for ISO14001 Quality Environmental Management System and AS/NZS4801 OH&S certification. Full company wide accreditation is underway and is expected by 2015.

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